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//Chaya in a Nutshell//

"I am smart, !@#(!(^! I am smart!"

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//Names// Way back in 2004, I went by 'Sapphire of Light'. Then it became 'Zephyr Dragon', but most of my online friends called me 'Sapphy'. After two years of hiatus (2006), I now go by Kiwichi. (Though you can call me whatever you want.)

//History// I used to live in California, USA. It was around the end of my fourth grade year that I moved back to Taiwan. (I vaguely remember that I didn't tell anyone of my news that I'm moving, save for a few friends.) I'm currently a ninth grader, preparing for my high school entrance exams.

//Personality// I'm shy and silent to strangers, hyper, insane, and talkative (to an extent) with friends and classmates. More of a tomboy, but I'm trying to at least get a liking with skirts and...stuff...(and failing.) I usually keep things to myself, and don't like to explain things to people (I find it highly annoying to repeat and explain myself).

//Writing History// Started writing on Fanfiction.net when I first came back to Taiwan. Started off with the fandom 'Beyblade', met my first online friends while I was at it. My obsession with Beyblade slowly faded away after I entered junior high. For a while, I tended to read Harry Potter, Star Wars, Card Captors Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist fanfictions. It was until the summer of 2006 that I started reading Naruto fanfiction, and the manga online. I read a few fictions, before I stumbled upon Leafygirl's 'Nature of The Game'. Thus my obsession with KakaSaku is born.


Rewind- (KakaSaku)-2007/7/26-I'm brain dead.

Fast Forward- (KakaSaku) In brainstorming process. Sequel to Rewind.

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